About me

Who is it?

Hi, my name is Nico Filzmoser, I'm located in Gallneukirchen, Upper Austria!

I'm a technology enthusiast, passionate software developer with a strong focus on standards and best practices .... and current AI student @ JKU.

If you'd like to contact me, hit me up via mail.

What about?

I'm basically writing about all-stuff web. Be it about framework tweaks, best practices, server configuration, CI/CD, AI, etc. ...

Mostly I focus on describing solutions to specific problems I came across myself that may or may not be so trivial, but also about other stuff I believe would be fun to read or good to know for some people.

But why?

Because why not?

It's fun researching topics or problems until you understand them inside-out and outside-in. Writing about them is just a plus so you a) better memorize it and b) have a place to look it up later in case a) didn't work out

Also, as a software developer I too rely very often on blogs that already provide me with solutions, sometimes I stumble upon something that has no dedicated "guide" yet, so I create one for others.