About Us

Auroria is a free Software Project Management tool, as well as an advanced tech blog. Trying to help developers across the globe to deliver high quality software.

What is Auroria?

Auroria is a Software Project Management Tool, built to help software developers around the world to make their lifes easier, simpler, less cluttered and less stressful.

... also ...

Auroria is an advanced technology blog, trying to help developers in their day to day business, by providing helpful articles, tips and how-tos of various tech topics.

Aurorias goal is simply to help software developers as much as it can. Either by providing you with an article fixing a problem you might be currently facing at work, or by helping you to structure and manage your work in a nice "getting out of your way" manner.

However you like, both are welcome!

Is it free?


The online presence and the service provided is free, and for as long as its existence will be free on a fair-usage principle. However there is also the option to self-host the exact same setup we have, to not be dependend upon our infrastructure.

How do you make money?

We are making money through support contracts with corporations, hosting Auroria in their IT infrastructure. We are not profiting from any user data that we collect online in order to provide the service for free.

Why are you doing this?

We are passionate software developers that view our profession as a craftsmanship. Quality and professionality are top priorities for us, however we also know how hard it can be in our fast-paced business to properly address and deliver software according to those values.

That's why we first wanted to make it easier for all the developers across the world to do so, and second, to make it easier for us, since we are using our own tools day-by-day.

Also, since our profession is treating us well in the current age of technology, we believe there is nothing wrong about giving something back.

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