Software project management

Affordable and worry free software project management. Built and designed from the ground up to enrich your workflows, to not distract you and to skyrocket your productivity so that you can focus on the work you are passionate about!

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Track and measure your progress on highly customizable dashboards for your project


Visualize your progress and the current workload on an easy to configure board, to give your team and your customers transparency


Use proven tools like Sprints, Epics, Versions which are anytime just a mouse click away. Create userstories with ease and smash your storypoints


Enable new additional features for your organization or project to improve integration with your current tools, or to add new tools to your workflow.


Track your past performance using defacto industry standard charts and metrics.


Use statistical tools to not only measure the performance of the past, but also to project these findings into the future and get a better understanding of how fast you are going.


Configure roles and permissions on a fine grained level so that control doesn't get out of hand. Open up your work to the community if you'd like to.


Participate and check out what others are working on, how they are progressing and which workflows work best for them.


Proven tools for best in class results

How can you skyrocket the productivity of your team without putting the burden of "yet another tool" on their shoulders?


To formulate new business requirements for your product, create new userstories in our backlog for your team. Tag and categorize them using epics. Schedule deadlines for them by assigning them to a version of your product.
Order your backlog by how important it is to deliver those workitems for your customers.

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For your team to be able to work on the created and ordered workitems, create a sprint and put said workitems into this sprint.
When putting workitems into a sprint, your team is actually defining and commiting to said workitems on a set period of time.

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Visually progress and track

As soon as everybody is happy with what is scheduled to be done in the sprint, hit the start button and watch your board be automatically populated with all the tasks you defined before.
Track the progress of your team in the sprint on the board, as well as using our refined statistics.

Repeat this cycle until your product is ready for prime-time!

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