Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it free?

Yes, it is free to sign up and create yourself an account. Afterwards you may enable free additional features, as well as non-free features.

What is SCRUM?

Scrum is an agile framework for managing work, with an emphasis on software development, although it has wide application in other fields and is slowly starting to be explored by traditional project teams more generally

What is an organization?

Organizations are mappings of a real world organization / team / project setup to our project management system, where abstract settings can be changed, you can create projects and participate in the community process.

How can I create a board?

Boards are a component of Auroria that ship together with projects. Create a new project and a board will automatically be generated for you. Additionally also team and organization boards will be populated with project workitems automatically.

How can i restrict access?

By configuring the permissions of certain roles in your organization / project, you are able to give fine grained access to certain parts of you projects / organizations. Also there exists the possibility to open your work up for the world to be publically viewable and embrace the community.

How can I add tasks?

"Tasks" in the sense of items which need to be done, can be added in the backlog section of every project. By creating a Sprint you are able to split up the work in more managable chunks. By starting a sprint you are able to move them around on the board.

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