What is Auroria?

In this guide, we'll take a brief look at what Auroria is, what makes it unique and how it can help you to achieve your project goals.


Auroria is a software project management software. It incorporates the SCRUM principles into it's workflow, guiding users to best practices of Agile and SCRUM.

Auroria has been designed with software development in mind, focusing on the end-users, project managers themselves of course, but most of all the developers, using project management software tools day by day.

At it's core, Auroria tries to guide you through best practices of SCRUM, sometimes in an enhanced version, sometimes in a slimmed down version. We try to only provide you with battle-proven principles, stuff that really works and isn't just a theory.

From small to big

Using Auroria enables to you scale your project or organization up and down, just the way it fits the current business situation. Starting with a small project, not using most the SCRUM workflows? No problem, just set up a project and start creating stories, no need for sprints, epics and all the other stuff.

Got a big project starting as an agency? No problem as well, set up your project, fill up the backlog, create your epics, configure permissions, and start developing right away.

We made sure that with every project you create, you'll also get sensible defaults which should enable you to start working right away.

Focusing on the important things

Developing a new project management platform, we also made sure that our users are able to focus on what really matters: Getting things done. Therefore, we kicked out everything that works onyl in theory, but is just a burden in practice.

Auroria for example does without so called workflows. We believe that talking to and teaching people ina a project should be still a core value in a software development team, so there is no need for complex workflows enforced by a project management tool.